Polisintez Ltd is a pharmaceutical production complex that meets Russian GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements. The plant is one of the leading Russian producers with small- and medium-tonnage output of pharmaceutical substances.

The company has implemented several technological schemes of substance manufacturing to produce sterile and non-sterile dosage forms, including full-cycle production (from chemical synthesis to the delivery of finished products to the warehouse). 

The equipment installed at the plant comes from the leading Russian and foreign suppliers. The plant is actively pursuing complete automation of production and technological processes to be able to systematically reduce production risks. The results of automated monitoring and registration of technological parameters are to be included in the batch production record.

Polisintez Ltd is a dynamic company. It has developed the program of comprehensive technical and technological re-equipment, infrastructural improvement, energy management, and environmental protection.

The monitoring of infrastructural aspects of Russian pharmaceutical industry, which is annually conducted by the analytical company RNC Pharma, reveals that Polisintez’s production output is constantly and sustainably growing. Over the years 2015-2016, the company remained the leader among manufacturers of pharmaceutical substances as the biggest contributor to the overall Russian production volume.