Our life

The life of Polisintez is not limited to production, it is versatile, and different collective activities play an important role in it.

We traditionally celebrate all holidays together with our colleagues: The New Year, the Day of Fatherland Defenders, International Women’s Day, and our professional holiday - the Chemical Worker’s Day. Before the New Year, children of our employees are visited by Father Frost and the Snow Maiden who wish them Happy New Year and give presents. First-graders get presents as well at the annual celebration.

We pay tribute to and honor the exploits of our people in the Second World War, participate in all events, such as Living Wave, celebrating the defenders of the city and the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Polisintez maintains close links with the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the home front workers, invites them to meetings, and provides with financial assistance.

The employees of Polisintez are active travelers. Our favorite vacation activity is sightseeing tours! Recently, the company has organized a tour for the major part of its staff members to the gorgeous historic complex - the estate museum of D. Venevitinov (Ramonsky District, the Voronezh Region). At another time, we got acquainted with Slavic culture at Khotmizhskaya Osen in the village of Khotmizhsk (Borisovsky District, the Belgorod Region). Every year, the best employees of Polisintez come to St. Petersburg to explore the beauty of the city and experience the famous white nights. 

The constant inflow of young professionals to the company resulted in establishing  the Youth Organization of Polisintez Ltd in 2006 which actively engages not only in the activities of the company, but also in the events at the city and regional level: It participated in the third youth forum of Belgorod Regional Associations of Trade Union Organizations “Effective Youth Policy - Educated and Creative Youth”, Belgorod Regional Sport Competition for Teams of Employees, and the youth forum “Young People, Make it Happen!”.

The active social policy of Polisintez was highly appreciated by the Belgorod regional government: In 2015 the company was awarded with a certificate stating that the company got a spot on the Walk of Labor Glory.