Career at Polysintez Ltd

Polisintez’s policy in human resources management is aimed at creating favorable working conditions and developing human recourses as the main asset of the company. Progress of our employees makes the company progress.

We respect the history and traditions of the industry, our achievements inspire us for further development. 

Our work is guided by the principles of mutual respect and trust, strictly complies with the labor law; we offer our employees social guarantees and opportunities for professional development, which makes us look attractive and reliable in the labor market.

The key to success is to constantly improve and develop the staff skills, maintain and raise qualification of the employees. We ensure continuous training of our personnel. The company has a Learning Center and supports the training program designed to create a key specialists reserve.

Our colleagues are active participants of professional conferences, exhibitions, seminars, they receive additional education in leading educational institutions in Russia and abroad.

The company has developed and successfully brought into operation an occupational adaptation program for our newcomers, which helps the young specialists to catch up with the workflow, reduce occupational risks, and adopt corporate values in the shortest possible time.

We established cooperation with specialized institutions of higher education and secondary vocational schools as a part of the program aimed at bringing in young specialists and organizing internships for students. We also have a youth organization that helps young professionals to fit into the professional team and develop their working and creative potential. 

Polisintez Ltd is a socially oriented company. Since the inception of the company, a labor union has been operating, which promotes the development and successful implementation of numerous social programs. Our staff members have a round-the-clock access to the services of the company’s medical station. Polisintez Ltd partially covers the cost of vouchers for resort treatment for its employees and their children. The personnel can use the company’s transportation services to get to their place of work.

We organize different events to reinforce the corporate culture and develop creative potential of our colleagues: Corporate parties, creative contests, athletic events, and guided trips. Our staff members actively participate in sport competitions and mind games at the city level.

Welcome to our team!