Polisintez Ltd was established in March 2001 on the basis of Belgorod vitamin industrial complex, which then was one of the biggest chemical & pharmaceutical plants in Europe. 

In 2002 “Scientific and Technological Company “Polysan” Ltd, St. Petersburg, acquired the ownership of Polisintez. That was when the true history and dynamic development of Polisintez began. The commitment of Polysan’s management to quality, innovations and scientific development helped the company to successfully implement a number of major investment projects. 

It took deep upgrading of equipment and quality control laboratory, constructing of modern warehouses for raw materials and finished goods, and significant actions in energy and environmental safety sector, to make the production efficient. Expansion and reconstruction of production capacities made it possible for Polisintez to increase the output of pharmaceutical substances from 19 tpa to 180 tpa.

Currently, the quality management system of the company is certified for the compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 and the Good Manufacturing Practice rules (GMP Standards). Polisintez is among the top ten leading Russian producers of pharmaceutical substances. The major part of these substances is used to ensure the robust supply of raw materials to the parent company Polysan. Polisintez’s other partners and clients are the biggest plants in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.